Shunfeng Mountain Park


        Shunfeng Mountain Park locates in Shunfeng Mountain zone between new and old city area of Daliang, Shunde, with a total land area of 6,370 mu including the area of Taiping Mountain, Shenbu Mountain, Daling Mountain, Erling Mountain, Guipan Sea, etc. Water area inside the park sums up to 2,200 mu, with mountain body area of 2,000 mu, and land area of tour as well as scenic spot over 2,170 mu.
        In its total plan, the park stresses environment profit, plays the respiration of city lung and aims at benefiting social mass and is to be built into open, leisure and body-building people's park. Its construction adopts the method of mountain linking with water, leaning against mountain and facing water, connecting Chinese construction skills with Western ones, and it is based on mountain landforms to naturally form mutually-linked Qingyun Lake Area and Guipan Lake Area. Shunfeng Mountain Park has begun to build since 1999. The scenic spots of this park including Main Entrance Square, Wuxing Bridge, Stone Memorial Arch, Nine-Crook Bridge, Belt Form Bridge, Spring Greeting Pavilion, Dragon Form Pavilion, Lake Ring Road, Mountain Ring Road, Qingyun Lake, Guipan Lake etc.


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