Chuanlord Holiday Manor


        Chuanlord Holiday Manor, the short form of which is Changlu Farm. It was founded by Guangdong Changlu Group in 2001. It is located at the Sanzhou, Lunjiao, Shunde, it is adjacent to the main stream of the Pearl River. Occupying an area of 400,000 square meters, it is a paradise combining with Lingnan culture, Shunde landscape and farming. Offering service on eating, accommodation, playing, purchasing and enjoying, it is an ideal place for entertainment, vacation trip and commercial conference as well as the No.1 base for team training, team traveling and overall teaching. It is consisted of Changlu Vacation, Changlu Entertainment Center, Changlu Paradise and Changle Zoology.
        Chuanlord Holiday Manor is built according to the theme of Return to the Nature. It is full of Lingnan culture. There are ancient trees, old well, vegetable garden, bridge, water flow, houses and handicraft workshop. Also, there are fowls, egrets, and sound of sheep, cattle, chicken and dogs. The melon sheds, lotus pools, water wagons, stone milling, grass house, fences, bamboos and pavilions increase charms to the simple farm. Generally, it is a piece of Pure Land, a happy family, a Xanadu and a rest station in your life.
        What's more, it has luxury guestrooms superior to five-star guestrooms, Chinese food canteens, romantic underwater ship canteens, tea party, dancing hall, performances, steam bathing, sauna bathing, water treatment, swimming pool, Chinese herb warm fountain, football court, Pingpong ball room, table tennis room, badminton ground, pleasure ground and net bar. In the coming years, Changlu Leisure Vacation Farm will build five-star hotels, better canteens and entertainment place, trying to make become a standardized and international natural farm.
        Endeavoring to become a farm with festival atmosphere, Changlu holds activities to enhance its influence in the traveling industry.

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