Bingyu Hall

        Bingyu Hall, located at Shatou, Jun'an, is a two-storey building as a nursing home built   for self braid spinsters who were betweenmaids in Southeast Asia and later returned their hometown Shatou, which was established in 1951. Inside the hall, a Kwan-yin is consecrated at the middle and temporary memorial tablets of deceased self braid spinsters on the left and right sides at the first floor, and the second floor is a wooden loft as the bedrooms of self braid spinsters.
        In 1982, Bingyu Hall was reconstructed with the SGD 6000 remitted by Singapore Shundenese Association so as to be convenient for more returned self braid spinsters to stay. 
        Nowadays, all self braid spinsters have moved back to live with their families, so the hall is empty, but it is a historical testimony of the self braid spinsters' wandering life and their resistance on feudal marriage system.  


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