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        With a planning area of 2.8 km2, Guangdong Industrial Design City is a modern service cluster centering on industrial design, which links industrial design upstream and downstream businesses and provides high-end and value-added services for them. Currently, more than 100 industrial design companies from Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Shunde District have settled in the City, with about 1,000 designers. Featured with product design and targeted at the manufacturing market in Guangdong, its core business is to provide industrial design services to manufacturing industry in Guangdong and China based on industry upgrading and optimization in the Pearl River Delta. 
        Guangdong Industrial Design City is led by the government and adopts professional management and market-based operation. It is not only the most influential industrial design center in China but also an industrial design demonstration base approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and State Intellectual Property Office. When he visited Guangdong Industrial Design City on December 9, 2012, Chairman Xi Jinping, highly appreciated its development and hoped it would expand and be better. 
        Guangdong Industrial Design City plans to build 3 bases- industrial design service outsourcing base, new industry incubator base, and original product R&D base. And it will establish 6 platforms, namely, trading service platform, financial service platform, application service platform, recruitment and training service platform, generic technology R&D platform, and brand promotion platform. It will also develop 9 major projects-Shunde Industrial Design Park, National Industrial Design Laboratory, International Industrial Design Exchange Center, plaza design, hotel design, Industrial Design Information Center, Guangdong Industrial Design Graduate School,  museum design and a design of an innovation experience center. 
        Guangdong Industrial Design City focuses on attracting businesses in industrial design sector, such as brand planning, prototyping (including technological development), shape design, structure design (including mechanical design), graphic design (including package design and web design), prototype making (including rapid prototyping), intellectual property protection, marketing, finance, e-commerce, Internet, S&T incubation, invest & financing services, etc.


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