• Investment of 1 billion yuan settled in Shunde Daliang
    Time:2022-06-21     Source:Foshan China

    On June 18th, "Great Causes, Great City, Succeeding with Success", a local groundbreaking ceremony was kicked off in Daliang Wusha Industrial Park, Shunde Foshan. The event introduces nearly 1 billion for a new project - Zhitu Yunwan Science and Technology Park. Besides, expansion projects at two enterprises, Huierjia and Sansheng, were also mapped out.


    Funded with a total investment of 700 million yuan, Zhitu Yunwan Science and Technology Park Project will introduce a headquarter of car networking warning system operation. At Huier, a total of 150 million yuan will be pooled to shape digital production workshops that are efficient, energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly. Sansheng Electric will invest more than 90 million yuan to build a new digital industrial plant and a freezer refrigeration research institute in ways that become the major exporter of compressor refrigeration display cabinets.

    Going forward, Daliang plans to attract more investment projects to the West of National Highway 105 and Wusha Industrial Park, as estimated with over 5.6 billion yuan of funding.

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