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        Situated in the central part of the Pearl River Delta (PRD), Shunde is to the south of Guangzhou and to the north of Hong Kong and Macao with an area of 806 k㎡. It is an important part of Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan circle and Guangdong-Hong Kong Economic Circle. Established in the 3rd year of Jingtai of Ming Dynasty (1452), Shunde currently has jurisdiction over ten towns with a resident population of 2.51 million (including 1.23 million registered permanent residents); moreover, nearly 500,000 people who originated from Shunde live in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries.
        Early in Song Dynasty, Shunde was famous as hometown of fish, rice, flower and fruit. In Ming Dynasty, the silk reeling industry was rapidly thriving by virtue of the breeding and planting pattern of “mulberry fish pond”. With the private financial industry flourishing between the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, Shunde was known as “South China Silk Town” and “Bank of Canton”. During 2000-2003, Shunde ranked 1st among the China Top 100 Counties for four consecutive years; in 2006, it was the first county with GDP exceeding 100 billion Yuan. In 2012-2014, Shunde’s economy maintained a good momentum of growth and became the champion of China Top 100 Districts for 3 consecutive years and was awarded as one of “China Top Ten Overall Well-off Pilot Counties/Cities”.
        As the cradle of Cantonese Song and Cantonese opera, Shunde cultivates many excellent opera actors and actress. In 2007, Shunde was named by the Chinese Fork Art Association as “Hometown of Chinese Folk Arts”. In addition, Shunde has a long history of cuisine culture. The saying that “Delicious Food is in Guangzhou while Chefs are from Shunde” is known in the folk, and Shunde is also known as “Hometown of Best Chefs”. In December 2014, Shunde was granted by UNESCO as “City of Gastronomy”.
        As an important transportation hub of the west bank of the Pearl River, Shunde is an important part of the Greater PRD Economic Circle; it is 127 kilometers away from Hong Kong and 80 kilometers away from Macao. Due to its excellent exterior and interior transportation network, Shunde connects the PRD cities, Hong Kong and Macao by the two-hour traffic circle. Currently, Shunde is carrying out its rail transit construction step by step. Guangzhou-Zhuhai Inner City Railway is running, and the Guangzhou-Foshan Metro Line 1 (Phase II) has reached Foshan New City and connected with Lecong Town, Shunde. Guangzhou-Foshan Loop Line, Foshan Metro Line 2, Foshan Metro Line 3 and the extension line of Guangzhou Metro Line 7 are under construction and will be gradually opened to traffic in five years.
        In 2014, Shunde’s GDP reached 276.5 billion Yuan and its industrial output value reached 644 billion Yuan; the foreign trade export value reached 20.64 billion USD.
        After more than 30 years’ reform and opening-up, the major industries, namely, household appliances, machinery and equipment, electronic communications, textile and garment, fine chemicals, packaging and printing, furniture manufacturing, health care and auto parts, etc. have gradually developed well. Among them, the output value of the household appliance industry has reached 228.1 billion Yuan with an increase of 6.9%; besides, Shunde was awarded as “National Quality Safety Demonstration Zone for Household Appliances”. The output value of the machinery and equipment industry has reached 164.8 billion Yuan with an increase of 13.8%; and 9 enterprises have achieved an output value of one billion Yuan.
        In order to promote urban upgrading and industrial transforming, Shunde Government has planned and built the Shunde Hi-tech Industrial Park-Promotion Zone, “Southern Wisdom Valley”, “Sino-European Industrial Service Zone” and other platforms for technical innovation, industrial development and industrial service, enhancing core competitiveness of the regional economy.
        Currently, Shunde is actively planning the development of the northern area; meanwhile, Foshan Metro Line 3 and Guangzhou Metro Line 7 are to extend to the northern area of Shunde. The new planning and Metro Era will accelerate the further development of Shunde.

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